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A huge thank you to our volunteers!

10 months ago

Jessica Fok

Operations Coordinator, ABRSM Reps Team

This week, between 1 and 7 June, is a UK-wide celebration called Volunteers’ Week. Up and down the country, organisations are celebrating their volunteers and everything they do for them, and we want to celebrate ours too! This is the perfect opportunity to fill you in on what our volunteers at ABRSM do, and to thank them for all their hard work.

Who are our volunteers?

Our volunteers are the heart and soul of ABRSM. They're our link to communities all over the UK and Ireland, and are crucial to our work. Without them, many of you wouldn't be able to attend your music exams.

Did you know?

Volunteers help to run our public exam centres in the UK and Ireland. We call them HLRs, or Honorary Local Representatives, and they make sure that you're able to take your exams in a nice, welcoming environment. 

We have almost 300 volunteers across the UK and Ireland. Some have volunteered for just one exam session while others have been involved with ABRSM for over 35 years!

Our HLRs are the ones who book exam venues, ensure we have stewards and invigilators (often doing it themselves!), see to it that pianos are hired and tuned, and answer queries from parents and teachers. They also do much more behind the scenes, and we continue to be amazed by their dedication. 

During this year’s spring exams, our HLRs were also battling with the snowy weather! Many were outside with shovels before the Music Theory exam to make sure candidates had a safe path to the venue door. 

Many of our volunteers have full- or part-time jobs as well. They're doctors, school teachers, music teachers, business executives, IT consultants, priests, vicars and more. Some are studying for university degrees. Others are full-time mums and dads.

Our volunteers are all passionate about music and music education. They're the candidates' greatest supporters – willing them to do well as they go into the exam, and then congratulating them as they come out. 

Our UK and Ireland summer exam sessions have just started, but our HLRs have already done so much to get everything ready. We can't thank them enough. 

Let's hear from you

We'd love to hear positive stories about our HLRs and what they've done to make your exam experience a good one. Please do share this feedback with us, as we love passing on positive feedback to our volunteers. Share your good experience here, or on social media using #abrsm and #VolunteersWeek.

And if you’re taking an exam soon, remember to thank your local volunteer. They'll have all their fingers and toes crossed for you!

To find out who your local volunteer is, please choose your centre on the map here.

Photos: Tian William


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